Thursday, May 2, 2013

'You know you've watched 'Black Hawk Down' too many times when..' and other ways to waste a day off.

Ever since discovering that Tom Hardy was in Black Hawk Down, I haven't stop marathon-watching it on Netflix streaming.

Tom Hardy as Twombly

Back in 2002, I marathon-watched this movie for Orlando Bloom!

His screen time was probably like 15 minutes tops. Now, if his scenes don't include the rest of the cast, I simply fast-foward.

I swear, there are more UK actors in this film than there are Americans. While a couple of them totally fooled me into believing that they were American (case in point, go back to the pic of Orly above. see the guy behind him with the book? totally British! he has two or three lines in the movie, but his American accent sounded legit.) the other guys' accents bled through a bit, and you could tell by the way talked.

The Hubs thinks I've taken a liking to military films now and recommended a couple for me to watch. Hehehe...if only he knew..

And now for something completely different; the rest of my book order came in today!

I love ex-library books! I said that already, right?

Back cover. Look how happy the mice are!

And then you turn to the frontpiece and see these little guys.

Delightful in that delightful Edward Gorey fashion, no?

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