Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Renegade Craft Fair + Vintage Bazaar

This past Saturday, I dragged The Hubs with me to the Renegade Craft Fair and Vintage Bazaar in downtown Austin. I had heard about this shindig while looking up online vintage stores in and around Austin. I've never been to an event like this one before, not counting the numerous geekery fests The Hubs and I have attended over the years, I definitely welcomed the quiet mix of people with a love of quality handmade and vintage things over the usual nerdtastic and noisy crowds we're used to.

I want to avoid the label hipster here because I saw a great mix of people, from pretty young things rifling through the vintage dress racks to older people admiring the goods of a print & poster vendor. 

Before we got to the Palmer Event Center, The Hubs and I had spent a good half hour driving around looking for a Wells Fargo atm. Because I insisted. Will wasn't a happy camper, and by the time we arrived we were really parched and irritated with each other. Thank the Powers That Be for air-conditioning and the bar inside.

Yeah, he looks miserable. But see that? His first purchase! A handmade Star Wars-themed beer coaster!
And yes, he's a hairy-chested galoot. But I love him.

At the very back of the venue was the vintage area. I love the trailers!

Sadly, I didn't find anything I like in the vintage area, and being a size 12, the clothing selection was a bit limited.

However, there was no end to selection of handmade jewelry available! Check out this shop on etsy.com; it's called Topiary, and the owner sells both handmade lace and vintage brass jewelry. I bought a lovely pair of olive green stone earrings for $12.

Fox and Brie Haberdashery. Ugh, looks like candy!

Now this is new! I've never seen this before.

Teas! Love it! And this guy here...

...gotta love his smile! And he had tea samples mixed and ready in big whiskey bottles!
T-WE TEA is based in San Francisco. They come in many flavors, like Grumpy Dinosaur, Flailing Princess, and Sexpot. I ended up buying Flailing Princess (darjeeling, rose petals, coconut) and Sexpot (green tea, orange peel, elderflower). I actually told the guy, "Ah what the hell, give me a shot of Sexpot.".

Okay, now this awesome gal here. Her name is Serene and her shop is Leroy's Place.
She takes vintage paintings and hand-draws monsters and mythical creatures into the background.

Yes, that is a tentacled shark being attacked by penguins with lasers. The Hubs bought this one. If you want to see it clearly (and not a crappy pic of pic by me) check out her etsy store.

I bought this one.
It's called, "Jesus and his Fat-Assed Unicorns". *snorfle*
Mom, please don't kill me. It's The Lord and unicorns! Short, dumpy unicorns!

I ended up spend more money than I had planned. I had $50 in cash but it didn't help because every freakin' vendor had a card reader on their phones and ipads. Yeesh, I could have saved Will the mind-numbing 30 minutes of driving around downtown Austin for a Wells Fargo atm.

Other vendors to check out online:
Genevieve Santos at genevievesantos.blogspot.com. She does have an etsy shop, but it's closed until June 10 because she's on vacay.

Perfumer Josh Meyer's Imaginary Authors. Each fragrance is a different story with its own narrative, and each sample had it's own bookmark. My favorite is Violet Disguise.

MOCKINGBIRD DOMESTICS is based in Austin, and they have the prettiest, delicate ceramics I've ever seen. I visited this stall twice but I didn't purchase anything from them. I'm still thinking about the teacups I passed up!

And that's all she wrote. A couple of bucks poorer, The Hubs and I ended our day at Dave & Busters. I've never been to one, and dammit it's AWESOME! You can drink copious amounts of beer AND play arcade games all at the same time!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

'You know you've watched 'Black Hawk Down' too many times when..' and other ways to waste a day off.

Ever since discovering that Tom Hardy was in Black Hawk Down, I haven't stop marathon-watching it on Netflix streaming.

Tom Hardy as Twombly

Back in 2002, I marathon-watched this movie for Orlando Bloom!

His screen time was probably like 15 minutes tops. Now, if his scenes don't include the rest of the cast, I simply fast-foward.

I swear, there are more UK actors in this film than there are Americans. While a couple of them totally fooled me into believing that they were American (case in point, go back to the pic of Orly above. see the guy behind him with the book? totally British! he has two or three lines in the movie, but his American accent sounded legit.) the other guys' accents bled through a bit, and you could tell by the way talked.

The Hubs thinks I've taken a liking to military films now and recommended a couple for me to watch. Hehehe...if only he knew..

And now for something completely different; the rest of my book order came in today!

I love ex-library books! I said that already, right?

Back cover. Look how happy the mice are!

And then you turn to the frontpiece and see these little guys.

Delightful in that delightful Edward Gorey fashion, no?