Thursday, March 7, 2013

"They're not toys, they're vinyl figurines!" Whatev.

Happy Early-ish B-Day to me! Various online orders have been trickling in this week. I've so far received 2 of the 3 books I ordered from Amazon and these newest additions to my Dunny collection.
Cyborg!Geishas off of the latest Post Apocalypse Dunny line (released this past Feb. 28) by Huck Gee. I got them off Ebay for a reasonable price. I figured that my favorite comic store in Austin would sellout fast, so I opted to get them online instead. They also had a swap party that night, where fans could trade Dunnys with other fans, but it was a work!night for Will, and I was sure that my meager collection wasn't going to impress anyone.

I love the getas on them! Artist signature on the bottom, of course.

The bow at the back remind me vaguely of Hello Kitty.

I've run out of space on top of my mirror. Seriously need to dust up there tomorrow.

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