Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The days are just packed.

I finally got around to hanging out poolside. The Texas summer heat is wonderfully oppressive.
Ugh, it's hard to look cool in big cat-eyed shades and a 50's styled one-piece swimsuit when you're sweating lots o' buckets. Texas summer heat!!!
I had to share the pool and the poolside with a gaggle of kids on summer break and their Cosmo-reading mothers.

Hobbes update:
Luna and Hobbes
The Hubs took Hobbes to the vet a week ago, and was told that the poor dear had worms. $200 plus for the consultation, flea and worm medication and an assortment of shots. Oh, and Hobbes bit one of vet assistants when she stuck something up his bum.

It took a week for Luna to finally accept Hobbes into her personal space. They share her ottoman, and they enjoy driving me up the wall with their play-fighting. And I've caught Luna several times running up to him from behind and giving him the feline equivalent of a drive-by smack upside the head.

Luna defending her box
Luna defending her box.

In unrelated news, I've started watching Mapp and Lucia on Netflix. Geraldine McEwan is utterly fab as the Queen Bee usuper of Tilling. Her Art Deco-styled wardrobe is faintly Edward Gorey-esque, if not in mood but in inspiration.


'Au Reservoir!'

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