Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Yays & Nays

First, the Yays:

- Mini shopping spree for home essentials, like new sheets and stuff.
- Mini shopping spree for ME essentials, like new jeans from Old Navy, 'cuz getting old means conceding to gravity and giving up super low-rise denim.  Your muffin top will thank you.
- Marathon viewings of Midsomer Murders and Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix streaming.

And now, the Nays (boo):
- The Woman In Black with Daniel Radcliffe.  If the dude had acted more frightened, maybe I would have been more frightened!  The Hubs did a funny impression of Daniel Radcliffe that pretty much summed up his entire performance in the film.  I did enjoy the novelty of his character being widowed and caring for his young son, but that's just my non-existent maternal side manifesting itself.

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