Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I underestimated the pet hotel industry.

I've been on the phone half the morning, desperately trying to find a reasonably-priced pet hotel for our little Luna, the spazz. The Hubs and I have been seriously contemplating taking her with us to San Francisco for the Christmas holiday. Ugh. No offense, little girl, but you're clingy-er than Rose Tyler. I have the claw marks on my thighs to prove it!

She be perchin'...

...and I be nommin'.

No, not really. Her belly is made of soft and warm, and I my kitty!belly fix almost all the time. Stop looking at me like that.
Did manage to get her a reservation at PetSmart's pet hotel in Dallas, where our flight home is taking off from, but as soon as I texted Will the good news, he texted back saying that his pal Brady might be able to take Luna in for free, he just needs to talk to his missus. We'll see.

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