Monday, November 14, 2011


Skyrim and Star Wars:The Old Republic. The Man has been very busy for the past three nights, freakin' four day weekend and all.
Here he is, clapping delightedly at the opening cinematics.

And then he discovered that everyone logged onto the same server, causing a slight delay. For a couple of hours. He took a nap, woke up, and waited some more.

He finally crawled into bed at around five-thirty in the morning.

And here he is at 8am.

That very same morning, I picked up my copy of Lego Harry Potter:Years 5-7.

The shirt came with the game.

And here's me with my pissed-off!face when Will decided to get on 2nd Player mode and intrude on my groove. He swore that he just wanted to play along, but I still haven't forgotten the last time we played Lego Star Wars together when he spent most of the time trying to knock my character into pieces..

See the shirt? And my face? I'm not messing around.

I ran two miles yesterday morning, just so I can say, "No, I didn't spend all day playing Lego Harry Potter! Shut up!"

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