Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Night Viewing: Ichi

At first I thought this was a straight-up re-imagining of the classic Japanese tale of Zatoichi the Blindswordman, with Zatoichi reimagined as a woman. But with the title character now being a young, wandering blind female with serious skillz with a shamisen and a sharp sword comes the pesky angst-riddled background and emotional bruhaha that never ever plagued the original Zatoichi. Oh, and they gave her a love interest too. Meh.

While I'm washing the dishes, I'm bitching and moaning over a particular scene where Ichi is getting her butt kicked by the evil Phantom of the Opera-esque villian with a sentient Eyebrow of Evilness. "What?! Dang it, would the original Blindswordsman let himself get whupped like that?"
"Never!" cries my slightly-drunk husband. (four beers in. that's how badly he wanted it to end) I tell him that's what happens when you give the heroine a love interest. And Xena's soundtrack.

Pretty Japanese countryside though, and Ichi's battle scenes are okay. I think I'll rent the original Zatoichi movies. I especially liked the one with Takeshi Kitano in the title role.

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