Monday, November 14, 2011


Skyrim and Star Wars:The Old Republic. The Man has been very busy for the past three nights, freakin' four day weekend and all.
Here he is, clapping delightedly at the opening cinematics.

And then he discovered that everyone logged onto the same server, causing a slight delay. For a couple of hours. He took a nap, woke up, and waited some more.

He finally crawled into bed at around five-thirty in the morning.

And here he is at 8am.

That very same morning, I picked up my copy of Lego Harry Potter:Years 5-7.

The shirt came with the game.

And here's me with my pissed-off!face when Will decided to get on 2nd Player mode and intrude on my groove. He swore that he just wanted to play along, but I still haven't forgotten the last time we played Lego Star Wars together when he spent most of the time trying to knock my character into pieces..

See the shirt? And my face? I'm not messing around.

I ran two miles yesterday morning, just so I can say, "No, I didn't spend all day playing Lego Harry Potter! Shut up!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Night Viewing: Ichi

At first I thought this was a straight-up re-imagining of the classic Japanese tale of Zatoichi the Blindswordman, with Zatoichi reimagined as a woman. But with the title character now being a young, wandering blind female with serious skillz with a shamisen and a sharp sword comes the pesky angst-riddled background and emotional bruhaha that never ever plagued the original Zatoichi. Oh, and they gave her a love interest too. Meh.

While I'm washing the dishes, I'm bitching and moaning over a particular scene where Ichi is getting her butt kicked by the evil Phantom of the Opera-esque villian with a sentient Eyebrow of Evilness. "What?! Dang it, would the original Blindswordsman let himself get whupped like that?"
"Never!" cries my slightly-drunk husband. (four beers in. that's how badly he wanted it to end) I tell him that's what happens when you give the heroine a love interest. And Xena's soundtrack.

Pretty Japanese countryside though, and Ichi's battle scenes are okay. I think I'll rent the original Zatoichi movies. I especially liked the one with Takeshi Kitano in the title role.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Icee and taco flavored upchuck.

See this line? This is the line for Six Flags' freakin' FlashPass, the golden ticket for getting on the rides faster than everyone else. Although not as monsterous as the horde gathered at the front gates of the park, it was a big ole pain in the ass to be in because the FlashPass training room (yes, a training room for using your freakin' FlashPass!) only requires one person out of your posse of friends to attend the five minute session and pick up the wristbands.

But the 20-30 minute wait was worth it. The Dude suprised me by upgraded up to Platinum, baby!

With the FlashPass, you get to bypass the regular line for rides and head to the front of ride platform. I admit that I felt uncomfortable skipping past all the other people waiting for maybe an hour (or two) to ride the rollercoasters. Will said a hoochie teenager glared at him one time. I stopped feeling guilty when he told me that the Platinum pass allowed us to ride twice.

See this awesome thing? The Tatsu. Twice, baby! Like this! After two goes, as the ride was slowly pulling back into the platform, I told Will, "Dangle! Just dangle in you seat like we're passed out!" Which we did to be funny.

Now this was the ride Will really had a boner for. Apparently, there's only two of The X2 rides in existence, the other one being in Japan. It's five dimensional. Yeah. All I can tell you is that we had good seats (at the back, or was it the front?) and Will was laughing throughout the whole thing. There was even a moment when there was an alley of fire, and he cried, "Omigod, I felt that!".

Early in the afternoon, we unwittingly got on a water ride, even though we both swore that we weren't going to do anything waterrides. Our little raft thingy already had a bit of water sloshing around in it, and I tried valiantly to keep my Converse sneeks as dry as I could by sitting behind Will and propping my feet up against the inside of the raft. No, it didn't help at all.

Will walked away with a soaked bottom...

...and I walked away with soaked jeans, shoes and socks Utterly soaked. Ugh.

Squish, squish, squish. All day.

Thanks to the Platinum FlashPass, we got to go on all the major thrill rides except for two, without waiting even two minutes. It was a splurge, but very worth it, being our last Hurrah! in California before our long roadtrip to Texas.

Will won that lil' blue thing for me. That Icee cup will be the death me.