Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Weekend in brief.

I is not the best blogger, but I is trying, so blehhhhhhhhhhh!

Anywhoo, Saturday I got to spend a few precious hours with my younger sis, Evita.  When all the nice eateries on Cole St. were full, we ventured out onto Haight St. and settled on the Citrus Club.  Best garlic beef and shitake mushroom noodles ever!

It was a nice, San Francisco-blustery day, which I found that I had missed after a week and a half of constant sunshine and heat.

Really feels like autumn on Cole Street. 

Sunday, after Mass with Mom (she had insisted that I babysit her Saturday night) and seeing her off, I went to my favorite museum in the city to check out two special exhibits.

 Unfortunately, you can't photograph special exhibits.


Obligatory self-shot.  I'm an attentionwhore.

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