Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm pretty. My Mom told me so.

Thank Garden's Seat, today is my Friday. I just had my first airhead!student of the day; she lost her ID (get a new one, missy!), didn't know the name of her class, didn't know what department it was in, and could only tell me what floor it was on. Fifth week, people! And she's this pretty young trendy thing too. Honestly, how did ya'll graduate high school?
Remember back in '93, '94-ish, when brown lipstick was all the rage? Well, I got nostalgic while I was in Walgreens on my lunch break, perusing the Revlon aisle, and found the shade from my high school years, Toast of New York. Actually, my shade was Covergirl's Toasted Almond, which was more red than brown but dark enough to resemble Toast of New York. But that particular Revlon shade was the most popular with the cool chicas at my school during that time. Anywhoo, out of nostalgic sentiment, I ended up buying the lipstick. Walgreens is having a sale and all the other shades on the rack are $2 off while this one shade isn't! Yes ma'am, I am retarded with money.
Anyway, I was tasting buyer's remorse on the walk back to my workplace. Up in the Ladies' Room, I applied it, and found that 1.) the color isn't as brown as I remembered it was back in high school, and 2.) this rediscovered shade of lipstick isn't so bad. Not so brown, but more warm red with dash of honey. My complexion is medium, and I've been looking for a warm red lipstick ever since I struck out with another Revlon shade, an intense blueish-red that's perfect if you're fair-skinned and looking to achieve that Dita Von Teese burlesque vamp look, not a regular gal with Southeast Asian skin, who just wants to look put together. I feel put together with this shade, like a grown up. Mwah!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I will never be a graceful swan.

I'm pretty sure Tracey Mallet wants to hurt me.  My left calf now feels like it's on the verge of seizing up whenever I point my toes out.

It's all do-able in the beginning, but as soon as you get your pointe on...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Weekend in brief.

I is not the best blogger, but I is trying, so blehhhhhhhhhhh!

Anywhoo, Saturday I got to spend a few precious hours with my younger sis, Evita.  When all the nice eateries on Cole St. were full, we ventured out onto Haight St. and settled on the Citrus Club.  Best garlic beef and shitake mushroom noodles ever!

It was a nice, San Francisco-blustery day, which I found that I had missed after a week and a half of constant sunshine and heat.

Really feels like autumn on Cole Street. 

Sunday, after Mass with Mom (she had insisted that I babysit her Saturday night) and seeing her off, I went to my favorite museum in the city to check out two special exhibits.

 Unfortunately, you can't photograph special exhibits.


Obligatory self-shot.  I'm an attentionwhore.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend in brief

Best wedges ever. They lasted the entire night and didn't murder my feet at all.

Best dress ever, (that's Daniel sitting on the floor with his laptop.)

Best wedding party gals ever.