Sunday, August 28, 2011

JPoP Summit Festival in SF.

After a running a few quick errands downtown (new socks, new light-weight cardigan, much-needed new undies from PINK), I jumped on the bus towards Japantown's J-Pop Summit. I left before the main festivities because I got hungry but didn't have cash for the food trucks parked outside. Mmmmm...sushi boat....

She might be the actress who played Usagi/Sailor Moon in the live action film, or just a really cute cosplayer, I dunno. A lot of gals wanted a photo with her, and little children wanted her autograph.

Clothing design competition with Japanese designer H. Naoto as one of the judges.

I wanted to go up to the window and ask, "What can I get for $5?", cuz that's all the cash I had on me.

There were a lot of booths that catered to the Lolita Goths. Not really my bag, but I love seeing girls dress up.

Now this is what I'm talkin' about! That's a sweet Vegeta action figure

Hmmm...a cutesy-wootsey shojo version of Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad? Ugh.

Lots of Love all around!

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