Sunday, August 28, 2011

JPoP Summit Festival in SF.

After a running a few quick errands downtown (new socks, new light-weight cardigan, much-needed new undies from PINK), I jumped on the bus towards Japantown's J-Pop Summit. I left before the main festivities because I got hungry but didn't have cash for the food trucks parked outside. Mmmmm...sushi boat....

She might be the actress who played Usagi/Sailor Moon in the live action film, or just a really cute cosplayer, I dunno. A lot of gals wanted a photo with her, and little children wanted her autograph.

Clothing design competition with Japanese designer H. Naoto as one of the judges.

I wanted to go up to the window and ask, "What can I get for $5?", cuz that's all the cash I had on me.

There were a lot of booths that catered to the Lolita Goths. Not really my bag, but I love seeing girls dress up.

Now this is what I'm talkin' about! That's a sweet Vegeta action figure

Hmmm...a cutesy-wootsey shojo version of Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad? Ugh.

Lots of Love all around!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Meals On Wheels

Will arrived at Fort Hood late Monday night! He isn't going on leave until October though, so he can't stray too far away. S'alright, because I'm spending Labor Day Weekend in Austin, TX with him! Can I get a Woot!!!

I had way too much time on my hands after my doctor's appointment this morning, so I decided to take care of some big girl business, like getting my name changed on my SS. I managed to snap some pics while cutting through Civic Center.

Pretty food trucks...hold up! That white one on the waaaay right!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ugh! Gotta get away from the music sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Outside Lands. I love being able to hear the concerts from my house. What I don't love is stepping out the front door and being greeted by the smell of alcohol and the sight of plastic cups and beer bottles on the sidewalk. Did I mention the ticket scaplers on the corner of my street, or the occasional group of sullen young things lounging on someone's lawn?
I decided to talk a stroll, to get as far away from the park without going beyond Geary St.  I got as far as Anza St. and just walked towards Sutro Heights, an area I had never explored in my four years of living in Outer Richmond.

Sutro Heights was named after Adolph Sutro, who was responsible for the Sutro Baths, the Cliff House, and other estates. This pic was taken on the spot where there once was a glass conservatory full of flowers and plants, and on the outside a sprawling lawn with a meticulously kept carpet of flowers. The area is now just a park.

There is also an observation deck overlooking Ocean Beach. Back then, it was part of a larger structure, complete with beautiful sculptures. Now all that's left is the deck and this great view.

The view kinda makes me not want to move to Texas with Will.

It goes on and on and on...

The Great Highway.

It's been a while since SF has seen this much sunshine, especially on the coast where for the longest time, the fog ruled like a soggy wet blanket. It's nice to see the weekend this bright again.