Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There was a time when all I ever needed for my face was baby powder.

Now I seriously dislike the guy at Sephora who sold me the Clinique concealer pen in the pinkish shade falsely advertised as "Medium".  That was months ago.  I just got back from Walgreens today with a L 'Oreal True Match concealer in Light/Medium that not only blends well with my Southeast Asian complexion, it cost me $10 less! 

Okay, my fault for going along with the guy and hanging on his every word.  Supposedly he knows more about makeup than I do. 

Been checking out the Philippine beauty blogs for a little help, but as I went through them, I began to realize that they really don't represent the average Pinay.  I'm talking about the gals in provinces like the one I lived in for nine years, where gals ride jeepneys to get around, go to the palengke (marketplace) to work or shop for the day's meals, walk underneath the hot sun from one subdivision to the next, launder other people's clothes  for a living, work in the rice fields, go to classes at the local universities and tech schools in town...
Basically, gals who don't live or aspire to have the Sex and the City lifestyle and who don't have as much money to spend on oodles of clothes and cosmetics from big city department stores or shopping trips to Singapore and Hong Kong.  And seriously, the clothes these bloggers are sporting for their self-pics are unbelievable, especially when you take in the climate they're living in.  The freakin' tropics, for crying out loud.  The ankle boots, the cardigans and faux-leather jackets, the tights!  Tights!  Good for air-conditioned buildings, but outside with the heat and the smog that is Manila, give me a break.  We is tropical peeps!  Dress more tropical like!  Socks with wedges?  *facepalm*

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