Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Thrill of the Savings!

I just started watching TLC's Extreme Couponing, and I admit, I'm really envious of the gals featured on the show, with their awesome heavy-duty coupon binders, their savvy and scrupulous and tight-fisted go-getter attitudes, and most of all, their impressive stockpiles (closet full of one kind of soda, anyone?). 

I told Will over chat that I was going to start couponing, maybe even get my own tiny stockpile started.  He wasn't overly enthusiastic, and cautioned me on the stockpiling.  But I tasted that first adrenaline rush that comes with saving money last night when I went to my nearby Lucky supermarket with an envelope of coupons I had scavenged from the papers at the last minute.  Besides a gallon of water, I picked up a 5 pound bag of long grain rice, 4 packs of beef franks, 4 packs of fancy chicken sausage, a large bag of shredded cheddar.   And I had coupons for all.  I ended up saving $11 altogether.  A small, big deal in my book.  I haven't eaten a hotdog wiener in years!

For now, all my coupons are kept in small, separate envelopes.  A small binder would be nice.  Hee.  So would a subscription to the San Francisco Chronicle, with its big, fat Sunday edition filled with coupon inserts. 

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