Saturday, May 21, 2011

Going Coastal

Got my keester out of bed today really early, but made the split-second decision not to go to the gym and instead take Tush-Killer out for a coastal ride.  The wind today is a mother'effer, but the sky is bright and the sun is out.

Freezing and still all smiles.  Yep, that's me!

Finally ventured up the Great Highway towards the famed Cliff House.  The view is gorgeous.

When I looked down, I saw someone had left this huge message in the sand.

This gal was busy doing her own thing.

I stopped to help an older gent pick up some trash someone had carelessly tossed to the dune.  Well, if you call holding the garbage bag open while he picked up the trash helping.  His name is Bob, and he's adorable.  We talked at length about lots of things, and I found out that he meets loads of foreign tourists around these parts.  He knows 10 different languages and knows how to greet everyone in their native language.  He's been all over the world, and can identify different people by their ethnicity.

The Observation deck of the Cliff House and the Sutro Baths.

Land's End leading to the coastal trail along the...coast.  I didn't know that long ago, there had been a short rail train running through here!  The frequent landslides put an end to it though.  Anywhoo, lots of sailboats out in the bay today!

Before the bridge, this area was simply known as the Golden Gate.

How do I know?  I read the signs.

I would love to walk this trail again.  Without the bike.  I had to carry it over too many stairs!  I couldn't wait to get up to the Legion of Honor museum.  Decided that since I was there, I'd go see Pulp Fashion: The Art of Isabella Borchgrave exhibit.  It's soooo pretty!

The photo isn't mine, btw.  You're not allowed to take pictures of the special exhibits.  Poop.

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