Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Feeling congested and nasally didn't stop me from going out and enjoying the park today.  It did give me a good excuse to avoid the gym though, not that I'm crying about that...
Anywhoo, I went in the opposite direction today, straight to Ocean Beach.
Lots of families, lots of kids, people playing frisbee, couples making out on the sand, couples walking their dogs...

...Dogs playing with other dogs.

Will and I ran a good 2-3 miles up and down Ocean Beach back in 2009.  Well, I was running, he was prancing around me barefoot, cheerleading me on, "You're doing good babe!  You can do it!" 
So help me, God...

Hey, there are actual tulips in Queen Wilhelmina's Tulip Garden!  AAAAnd the windmill was moving!
Okay, as I was taking this picture, I heard a girl on a bike laugh loudly, "Ooh, tourists!", and I swear, I nearly turned around to run after her, shove her off her bike and scream, "I LIVE HERE, MORON!".
Hi.  I'm a happy person.  Let's be friends.

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