Monday, February 21, 2011

Borders Books

I'm feeling mixed emotions for the Borders superstore down the street from where I work closing.  Two students I see regularly here in the building also have part-time jobs there.  I kill time on my lunch break there, whether it be magazine perusing or general mischief-making. (remember what I did two years back at another Borders, teehee...)  Hell, Will killed time there while waiting for me to get off work.  He'd go and collect all the lastest gaming magazines and find a shady spot between shelves to hide away and read in.  He also wouldn't answer his freakin' phone whenever I tried to find him so I had to listen for his Cowboy Bebop ringtone (Tank! is head-turner)

And then I'm reminded of that movie, You"ve Got Mail, where Kathleen's cute bookstore closes down when Joe Fox's mega-chain Fox Books opens nearby.  Makes me wonder exactly how many small independent bookstores had to close in the wake of a Borders superstore opening back in the day.

I can still pick up UK Bazaar at the Borders at Westfield waaaaaaaaaaay down on Market St.;  the Powell St. location is the only one in the downtown SF that's closing, according to the email.  And of course there's Green Apple Books on Clement St. not far from my neighborhood.

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