Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Last Friday of January!

Boy, did I pick an awesome day to read the news.  But I can't avoid the world outside my comfortable and clueless bubble forever.

Also just read a story on MSN about a cat that froze to death in the cargo hold of a plane, and the first thing that came to mind was Benedict Cumberbatch's character, Martin Crieff bemoaning, "I'm going to have to kill the client's cat!" in the "Abu Dhabi" episode of Cabin Pressure.  Poor kitty. 

I've made it through the middle of House of Leaves, and the shit has hit the fan.  Since the beginning, I've been trying very hard not to skip portions that are hard for me to read, like Johnny Truant's word-vomit or most recently, the whole wall sample analysis (my brain hu-rrrrts!), thinking, "This may be important, this may be important, don't skip it, don't skip it or else you'll be clueless in the end...".  I admit to skimming Johnny's footnotes of The Navidson Record though, because like I said before, Johnny has moments where he simply drools word-vomit. 
I've just finished the portion, Escape, or Evacuation, as Johnny states Zampaño initially entitled it.  My heart broke!  I think I may have to break the rule I set for myself about reading scary books in the house.

Oh, and I've tried listening to Poe's Haunted while reading HoL - she's the author's sister and the album was written as a counterpart to the book - but the only track that I like to hear over and over is the first one entitled, "Exploration B".  It's on the creepy side, and what it simply consists of is a phone ringing and then an answering machine recording Poe singing quietly:

I thought you should know
Daddy died today
He closed his eyes and he left here
At 12:03
He sends his love
He wanted you to know
He isn't holding a grudge
And if you are you should let go

(Speaking) Are you there? Pick up. Pick up,
please. Mom? Hello?

Brrrr....Anywhoo, switched to listening to the Foals' Total Life Forever album, which doesn't really match the oppressive and creepy tone of HoL, but it keeps things from being oppressive and creepy.

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