Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the Uckery

Soooooo...while cruising a website that never gave me a hard time in the past, I got infected once again with an anti-virus VIRUS that proceeded to 'scan' my computer for viruses without my permission.  I tried to use both my anti-malware and Trend Micro programs but the stupid faux anti-virus wouldn't let me do much of anything.  I did what I did the last time I got hit with this thing and so far my laptop is working as it should.  I did a quick scan after I managed to get it working again and my anti-malware found and deleted the evil little bugger.  I then ran a full system scan during the night and another scan with Trend Micro this morning.  I'm going to do it again once I get home tonight.  As for that website, hehehe...I'm going to have to get my jollies somewhere else.  This is all my dear Hubby's fault, he recommended the website! 

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