Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is why I'll never be more than a casual gamer.

I'm bombing horribly at Silent Hill Homecoming, especially against two humungoid praying mantis like creatures with big ole slice-n-dicer appendages.  I'm not that adept with the dodge combos - Lord, it was certainly simple back in the day!  I made the mistake of unloading my pistol ammo on some other baddies when I could have just simply avoided them, so I have nothing but my melee skills and weaponary against these things.  And boy, do I suck to the highest power.  Whatever to happened to just holding down L2 with hitting the X button repeatedly?

But enough of my rantery, here's a picture!  A bathroom mirror pic!  One of my livejournal pals thinks there should be a flickr group.

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