Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh look who decided to drop by!

This lil critter had brought two other pals, but they managed to skedaddle before I could grab my camera.  Yes, my brand spankin' new Sony Cyber-Shot my beloved consort gave me for Christmas.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sometimes you wish you could undo or unsay certain things, but in wanting to make things right, it still can go all wonky.  Wonky, wonky, wonky.  *sigh*

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This is why I'll never be more than a casual gamer.

I'm bombing horribly at Silent Hill Homecoming, especially against two humungoid praying mantis like creatures with big ole slice-n-dicer appendages.  I'm not that adept with the dodge combos - Lord, it was certainly simple back in the day!  I made the mistake of unloading my pistol ammo on some other baddies when I could have just simply avoided them, so I have nothing but my melee skills and weaponary against these things.  And boy, do I suck to the highest power.  Whatever to happened to just holding down L2 with hitting the X button repeatedly?

But enough of my rantery, here's a picture!  A bathroom mirror pic!  One of my livejournal pals thinks there should be a flickr group.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the Season, or The Brutal Murder of Mr. Gingerbread Man

One of the models working for the school gave me the prettiest costume necklace.  And an instructor came up to me with a gingerbread man and said, "You look like you need one of these.".
With the mood I'm in now, I most certainly do, especially after a brief, insightful chat with a certain beloved.  I promptly unwrapped the gingerbread man and bit his head off.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Letter to Phatty Muffin Head

Dear Phatty,

     Why the hell did you choose today of all days to plant an odoriferous one in your litter box?  Since coming into my custody, I have not had any problems concerning the state or smell of your litter box and its contents, until this morning.  Like, 10 minutes till I had to leave the house for the bus.  Your morning dump seriously filled Lori's old room entirely.  5 minutes is not enough to air it out, so I burnt two overly-scented candles in hopes of getting the worst of it out of the air.
     I'm sorry to say, dear Phattums, that I shall have to evict you from your Mommy's old room (woman ain't paying your rent, so I see no need to give you free reign over it) and restrict you to the garage entry way.  You will find your litter box conveniently placed nearby for your use, as well as your water and food dispenser which will be brought in during the evenings to prevent those dastardly masked bandits who sneak in through the pet door from stealing your nibbles.  Your living room privileges remain, as well as our scheduled cuddling sessions on the couch. 
     Thank you for understanding! 

     Your Auntie Em

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pic from 'Black Swan' night

Sometimes I hate PBS, especially during pledge weekends.  I just want to watch Poirot or Granada Sherlock, not some pledge program about folk music (no offense) or tax advice.  Good thing I have my own Poirot DVDs to tide me over today.  I'm currently watching Evil Under the Sun with a young Russell Tovey guest starring.
I do have pics of Thursday night with Jerri my Mother in Law, Will's grandma, and Jackie.  We popped into a store half an hour before going to the Kabuki to see Black Swan.  Everything is so dang cute, but expensive.

They spawn in different colors.

I love the Egglings!  I may go back for them.

Will's lil'sis Jackie.  Yes, she was mighty hungry that night!

I didn't have a drop of alcohol that night.  I swear.  I don't look drunk.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What the Uckery

Soooooo...while cruising a website that never gave me a hard time in the past, I got infected once again with an anti-virus VIRUS that proceeded to 'scan' my computer for viruses without my permission.  I tried to use both my anti-malware and Trend Micro programs but the stupid faux anti-virus wouldn't let me do much of anything.  I did what I did the last time I got hit with this thing and so far my laptop is working as it should.  I did a quick scan after I managed to get it working again and my anti-malware found and deleted the evil little bugger.  I then ran a full system scan during the night and another scan with Trend Micro this morning.  I'm going to do it again once I get home tonight.  As for that website, hehehe...I'm going to have to get my jollies somewhere else.  This is all my dear Hubby's fault, he recommended the website! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I can smell the beef jerky tenders on my lips.  Damn salt craving!  I bring savory wheat thins from home and most of the time they hit the spot, but today they're just not doing anything for me, so I have to resort to the downstairs vending machines to for satisfaction.
Dammit, I think I want another tiny bag of jerky!  Dammit all!