Monday, November 15, 2010

Wah Wah Waaahhhhhh...

I'm a bad, bad blogger.  And diarist.  I do remember taking loads of pictures on my Iphone over the weekend to post, but I never got around to downloading them off said Iphone to my laptop.  This is why I'll never get around to writing the next great American novel.  Which might be a good thing, because my fiction tends to be random.  And very naughty.

Did some home shopping yesterday afternoon, and bought new sheets for the bed.  Ahhh, the novelty of satin-like sheets with pillow cases to match, all slippery and shiny dark brown like ripples of bittersweet chocolate.  And I bought them from Ross for $12, score!  All was fine and dandy til I tried to sleep and found my pillows constantly sliding from underneath my head every time I laid on them.  *grumbles* 
At least the pillows I bought for the couch were a better decision. 

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