Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blah blah blah blah banana blah blah blah....

Because I'm so bad at miscalculating the weather in San Francisco (just don't trust it, 'nuff said.) I went out early this morning for a walk through Golden Gate.  I purposefully left both my umbrella and rain-proof windbreaker at home.  Five minutes into my power stridin', big fat drops sudden appeared out of the sky and I was forced to seek shelter underneath an overpass.  Here's my Before shot.

The oversize pullover sweater I had on was huge enough but actually did nothing to keep me warm, so I stood shivering and damp as I waited for the rain to stop.  When it seemed to lessen somewhat, I jumped out and continued my walk towards the de Young Museum.  Barely five minutes and it started to rain again!  I ran back to the overpass, even more drenched than before.  I had to wait longer this time, and when I saw a chance, I hightailed it back home.  Meh.  The moment I set foot inside, it stopped completely.  I waited until an hour after lunch to venture back outside, when I was totally sure that i wasn't going to be punk'd by the elements.

Wore my windbreaker this time.  It's that time of the season again.

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