Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Japantown, how I love thee...

The Kinokuniya Bookstore at Japantown on Geary St. is where I go every other weekend or whenever I feel low on creativity.

See the gorgeous image-heavy mooks (magazine+books).  Pardon the second pic.  For some reason, it will only upload that way.  Anywhoo, check out the mook in the first pic with the yummy flan on the cover!

Everytime I go to the Kinokuniya, I leave hungry.  Time for a snack.

I was seriously tempted to have lunch in Japantown but manage to stave off hunger with these little babies.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving has come and gone! Time for the Christmas specials!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Happy Post Turkey Day!  I ate all my leftovers Friday night.  And I overdid it with the pie.  Yep.  My fat ass has sworn revenge.

Anywhoo, I've gotten started on making my wedding binder, the materials (basic three-ring binder, tabs, and filler paperohcrapolaIknow!) costing less than $5 at Safeway.  I finally got to recycle the heavy cardstock pages from last year's calender to make binder pockets for keeping magazine cutouts and sticky notes.  I'm quite proud of my first unofficial DIY wedding project, even though it pales in comparison to the much cuter, more creative wedding binders I've seen online, but I have loads of time to fill this baby up with ideas and things. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blah blah blah blah banana blah blah blah....

Because I'm so bad at miscalculating the weather in San Francisco (just don't trust it, 'nuff said.) I went out early this morning for a walk through Golden Gate.  I purposefully left both my umbrella and rain-proof windbreaker at home.  Five minutes into my power stridin', big fat drops sudden appeared out of the sky and I was forced to seek shelter underneath an overpass.  Here's my Before shot.

The oversize pullover sweater I had on was huge enough but actually did nothing to keep me warm, so I stood shivering and damp as I waited for the rain to stop.  When it seemed to lessen somewhat, I jumped out and continued my walk towards the de Young Museum.  Barely five minutes and it started to rain again!  I ran back to the overpass, even more drenched than before.  I had to wait longer this time, and when I saw a chance, I hightailed it back home.  Meh.  The moment I set foot inside, it stopped completely.  I waited until an hour after lunch to venture back outside, when I was totally sure that i wasn't going to be punk'd by the elements.

Wore my windbreaker this time.  It's that time of the season again.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning Crack lines for coffee

Having worked for a mildly popular, semi-luxury retail chain, I do understand what it's like to work the register and deal with long lines.  You go at the pace that you're comfortable but still keep it steady.  I'm a veteran of the chaos and total anarchy that is Black Friday
If only the guy at the register at Starbucks adhered to this.  While I think its great that you're friendly and ask whether or not the customers wants whipped cream on their Gingerbread latte or if they would like their bagel toasted in an easy-going, chillaxin'sorta fashion, you must keep in mind that right in front of you, the queue is two miles long and that it consists mostly of people who just want to pick up their coffee and sugar treats before heading into work.  Like, in five minutes.  So really, is it necessary to chat up the tourists who appear to have all the time in the world, while the normal, barely-awake city inhabitants stew impatiently for their turn.

One of the instructors here at my building just told me that Mrs. Fields down the street has better muffins and bagels and better coffee.  Seriously?  I've always associated Mrs. Fields with unhindered, unbridled sugary cookie goodness.  May give it a shot some other morning.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wah Wah Waaahhhhhh...

I'm a bad, bad blogger.  And diarist.  I do remember taking loads of pictures on my Iphone over the weekend to post, but I never got around to downloading them off said Iphone to my laptop.  This is why I'll never get around to writing the next great American novel.  Which might be a good thing, because my fiction tends to be random.  And very naughty.

Did some home shopping yesterday afternoon, and bought new sheets for the bed.  Ahhh, the novelty of satin-like sheets with pillow cases to match, all slippery and shiny dark brown like ripples of bittersweet chocolate.  And I bought them from Ross for $12, score!  All was fine and dandy til I tried to sleep and found my pillows constantly sliding from underneath my head every time I laid on them.  *grumbles* 
At least the pillows I bought for the couch were a better decision. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We is Champions. Hells yeah.

One of the techs upstairs told me that his girlfriend's friend who just happens to work for the Giants said that a lot of peeps in Texas were talking crap about SF and our team right to their faces just as soon as they got off the plane at the airport.  Derogatory crap like, "Go back to San Francisco, fags!" and "Fucking gays!".

Well, to all those nice folks who thought and said those wonderful things, IN YOUR FACE, BI-ATCH!!!  SF BEAT YO' ASSES HARD!  CAN YOU FEEL THAT, HUH?!  CAN YOU FEEL THAT!?!