Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Around 7:45 am, a student comes down to the front desk with a wall clock in hand.  "It's not working." he says.

I blink in response.  "I think the battery is dead." he goes on.  Passing behind him with is one of the directors whose office is practically behind the front desk.

"If it's dead, why is the second hand moving?" I ask.  The student looks at the clock and comments, "Hm.  Now it's working.  Wasn't before."

"Uh-huh."  I've already begun to ignore him in favor of watching other students who are presenting their IDs to me as they pass.  The student with the wall clock goes back upstairs and the minute he leaves, the director who had been watching the brief exchange starts laughing.

3 minutes later, the same student comes back with the same clock.  "It's really not working." 

"Go to the admin office and asks if they have batteries."  Yes, it's a brush-off, but nowhere in my job description does it say that I'm responsible for the upkeep of the buildings' wall clocks.  I am not your mother, nor am I maintenance, so please don't treat me as such or all you'll get from me is Snarky-Ms.SnarksAlot.

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