Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The soon-to-be Ex-housemate actually rented a steamer cleaner to clean our carpeting.  She also borrowed a neighbor's Dyson vacuum cleaner, you know, the one with the Ball technology.  I'm really itching to use that thing.  Really.  I can easily skip the gym after work today just to toy with that sucker and really see if it can get 'round corners like it boasts on tv.

Haven't been able to quit Maurice.  I have the dvd on both my Amazon Wishlist and Netflix queue, and I'm addicted to watching bit and pieces of the film online.  Yes, the torrid scenes are definitely my cup of tea, but always, always after watching the end (*SPOILERS* Clive staring out of the window sadly, wistfully as he imagines Maurice back at Cambridge beckoning him to come with him *SPOILERS*) I find myself going to the computer and dropping my husband an email, telling him how much I miss him.

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